noid (cello) cordula boesze (flute) wolfgang fuchs (turntables)

concerts by the trio so far
jazzatelier ulrichsberg porgy and bess amannstudios
rhiz fluc steamboat schönbrunn musikschule villach

radio-feature on "john cage und die (freie) improvisation" including a recording by the trio
radio-feature on boesze:fuchs:noid at kaleidophon 2011
radio-feature on cordula boesze including recordings by the trio
tv-feature Hörensagen #17 | dorfTV Cordula Bösze zu Gast bei Norbert Trawöger

concerts of the trio extended
at brut/künstlerhaus as quintett b:f:n:r:s

associated concerts before the 'official' startup of the trio
at kofomi mittersill 2005 impro with annelie gahl, manon-liu winter, judith lehner, petra stump
at b72 together with rossi
at rhiz as quartett boesze/fuchs/rossi/stangl

audio-recording (quite old but/and good)
anordnung01 anordnung02 anordnung03 anordnung04


'music? - mittersill music days 2011' | 2cd | einklangrecords | vienna | 04-2012
feat. sylvie lacroix, anne wellmer, michael moser, maria gstättner, julia purgina,
theresia oblasser, patrik lechner, katja cruz, wolfgang fuchs, etc.
cover zoom | 1st review |

' 10 jahre bessere farben' | 2-cd | mikroton | russia | 2010
disc 2 | track 11: 'tschifra' by boesze:fuchs:noid

noid/taku unami | cd | the manual | korea | 2009

wolfgang fuchs: "empties" | 5-inch-vinyl | entr'acte | uk | 2009
unique 5-inch-cutouts from regular 12-inch-longplayers